Privacy Policy Academy ALTANOVA Group

Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data

Information report according to art. N. 13 Regulations UE 2016/679 (GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation)

ALTANOVA GROUP, wishes to inform the concerned parties involved in the treatment, that the personal data transmitted or related to the concerned party, are treated by the writing Company fully observing the current Regulations concerning the data treatment and the confidentiality obligations, which have always inspired us.

By “processing of personal data” we mean any operation or operation group, carried out even without an electronic means support, related to gathering, recording, organizing, preserving, consulting, elaborating, modifying, selecting, extracting, comparing, using, interconnecting, blocking, communicating, diffusing, cancelling and destroying data, even if not recorded into a data bank.

According to art. 13 of GDPR concerning the personal data which we treat after establishing mutual contractual and working relations, we communicate the information here below.

Data Controller

The Data Controller, to all law intents and purposes, for their own skills is:

ISA – ALTANOVA GROUP via Prati Bassi 22 – 21020 Taino (Va) Italia

TECHIMP – ALTANOVA GROUP via Toscana 11, 40069 Zola Predosa (Bo) Italia

INTELLISAW – ALTANOVA GROUP 100 Burtt Rd, Andover MA 01810;

single address for requests regarding the processing of personal data:

Purpose of the treatment

The personal data that the interested party provides through the “Contact” pages of the website ( Contact Us: ISA – TECHIMP – INTELLISAW LLC) are acquired and processed, mainly:

- For sending responses to requests from interested parties;

- For the possible sending of informative material to the email address indicated;

- For processing statistical report.

In relation to any and subsequent contractual commitments, the data of the party provided in the manner described above or provided subsequently may be processed for contractual requirements and the consequent fulfillment of legal and tax obligations; this treatment will take place for entire duration of the commercial / contractual relationship and also subsequently, for the fulfillment of legal obligations and for administrative and tax purposes.

It is also noted that by consulting our website, the system can acquire technical navigation data relating to the IP address, identification codes of the devices used by the user for the use of the pages or services, data relating to the characteristics of the browser and access times, other anonymized browsing data.

As part of the purpose for which personal data are collected, the ALTANOVA GROUP companies process such data according to the principles of correctness, lawfulness, transparency and protection of the confidentiality of the rights of the data subject.

Nature of the provision of personal data

Personal data is always collected from the interested party.

The provision of personal data, necessary for the purposes described, is essential for the complete execution of communication, marketing, commercial and possibly contractual activities; any refusal to provide such data could result in the failure or partial implementation of the Company's services.

Method of personal data processing

The processing of data takes place according to the principles of correctness, lawfulness and transparency, through the use of tools and procedures suitable for guaranteeing their security and confidentiality and can be carried out both on paper and with the aid of electronic tools.

The processing is carried out with the use of appropriate security measures to minimize the risk of unauthorized access to data by third parties, their destruction and / or deterioration, and to ensure confidentiality, pursuant to art. 32 of the GDPR.

Retention of personal data

Personal Data will be stored only for the time necessary for the purposes for which they are collected, respecting the minimization principle referred to in article 5, paragraph 1, letter c) of the GDPR as well as the legal obligations to which the Data Controller is required. More information on the storage and processing times are available from the Data Controller.

Communication of personal data

Personal data will not be disclosed in any way, while they may be communicated by us:

- to the persons in charge, duly appointed, of their treatment within the Group Companies;

- to external subjects, suitably appointed as external data processing managers and who act under the direct authority of the Data Controller, who need to access such data for purposes auxiliary to the relationship between the ALTANOVA GROUP and the interested party, within the limits strictly necessary to carry out the auxiliary tasks entrusted to them, such as: credit institutions, administrative and tax consulting firm (accountant);

- to external subjects, appropriately appointed as external data processors and acting under the direct authority of the Data Controller, who, incidentally or occasionally, may access personal data for specific activities, within the limits strictly necessary to carry out the auxiliary tasks entrusted to them, such as for example: software or systems maintenance company;

- to public bodies that can access personal data in application of rules and regulations.

For purposes strictly related to commercial and contractual relationships, personal data may be transferred from and to EEA countries and also from and to countries not belonging to the European Economic Area; in any case, the Data Controller provides adequate guarantees for the interested parties in compliance with art. 46 GDPR.

Personal data particular categories

When sending curriculum, according to article 9 and 10 of GDPR 2016/679, the concerned party could voluntarily communicate to the writing Group, data qualified as “personal data particular categories” (that is those data revealing ethnical or racial origin, political opinions, philosophical or religious convictions, or trade union belonging…genetic, biometric data allowing a physical person univocal identification, data related to person health or sexual life or sexual trend).

Such data category can be treated by the writing Company only with the concerned party written agreement.

Rights of the interested party

The subject interested in the treatment can, at any time, exercise the rights according to GDPR of the Code in matter of personal data protection, whose contents is reported here below:

1. Receiving confirmation if there is a personal data treatment taking place and if so, getting access to the personal data and to all information according to art. 15 of GDPR

2. Receiving rectification of wrong personal data without unjustified delay. In consideration of the treatment purposes, concerned party the right to get the uncomplete personal data integration, even by supplying a supplementary declaration

3. Getting personal data cancellation without unjustified delay

4. Getting treatment limitation in presence of any hypothesis according to art. 18 of GDPR

5. Receiving in a structured, common use, readable format from automatic device, the concerned party personal data supplied by the writing company

6. Opposing, at any moment, due to particular situation related reasons, the personal data treatment according to art. 6, par. 1, letter e) or f) of GDPR. In this case the company will stop treating furtherly the personal data, provided there are no legitimate legally binding reasons for proceeding with the treatment, prevailing on the interests, on the rights and on the liberty of the concerned party or for a right assessment, exercise or defense in Court

7. Not being submitted to a decision based only on automatized treatment, producing juridical effects in your regards or affecting analogously significantly your person. This right is not applicable in the cases regulated by art. 22, par. 2 of GDPR

8. Addressing to control Authorities for claiming if you think your data are treated in illegal way.