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Testing and monitoring solutions for electrical equipment

ALTANOVA ACADEMY is a new space dedicated to learn more on testing and monitoring electrical equipment. Here you will find valuable insights that will help you understand the best testing solution according to the type, aging, and condition of your electrical equipment, together with live demonstrations on how to perform electrical tests with ALTANOVA instruments.

ALTANOVA GROUP is a leading company in the field of advanced condition assessment technologies centered around partial discharge (PD) measurement and analysis as well as testing instruments for electrical apparatus. ALTANOVA has its roots in two strong and long experienced companies well set in the market of testing and monitoring: ISA and TECHIMP. The merger of the two companies provides synergies to the benefit of our customers in terms of giving access to new solutions and technologies.

We serve customers in more than 100 countries and operate with 2 Headquarters in Italy and 1 in USA, and regional offices in Germany, France, Panama, Brazil, UAE India, China, and Singapore.

A global network of trained and specialized partners, agents and distributors support us with customized solutions for our customers coming from transmission and distribution, oil & gas, process industries, EPCs, power generation, renewables, marine and transport, and OEMs.